Friday, November 6, 2009

NBCD Journal 19
Fall is in full Swing!
Welcome back everyone. I hope you are all staying healthy despite the viral flu seasons and multiple vaccinations. Take the time to take care of yourself and get your regular physical exams and stick to your wellness plan. In my prior journals I have discussed dietary habits, recipes and the mental aspect of health. All those things are important to long term wellness. Currently, I am transitioning through a period of slowing down and listening to the clues of what my body is telling me.
I have started cleansing my body of toxins through colonic herbal recipes that are safe and time released. Check with your doctor before you begin any colonic or fasting program. I am utilizing my cleansing kit in moderation, meaning I still fit it into my daily routine by eating very moderately and primarily at dinner time with the rest of the family and of course the food choice is healthy as possible because I want to set the best healthy living example as possible for my children.
Cleansing my system will also help with various food allergies and rid yourself of toxins and hydrate the body and skin. I have fasted several times before and it has always rejuvenated me inside and out as well as spiritually. I always have practiced a balanced approach to my health. Events and issues just force you to come to terms with who you are and that is a good thing.

Healthy Deserts
In the previous journal, I talked about low sugar deserts. My sons tested and baked a Betty Crocker pre-packaged reduced sugar cake with low sugar icing. It turned out fine. You could tell some of the sugar was missing but overall it was flavorful. I did not have him make the cake mix from scratch, although he can but the reality is that when he is on his own and a fully equipped kitchen and food ingredients are not available to make homemade recipes then he still will need to take that trip to the grocery to make informed and wise food selections. Unless it is a passion of your child to cook the following scenario will play out whereby your son or daughter will be influenced by their peers food choices and not to mention young men and women in college dorm eating unhealthy without their parents looking over their shoulders. So it goes back to healthy behavior, practicality and balance. Don’t take the fun out of enjoying your holiday deserts. The best approach is moderation. In other words don’t overeat yourself into a nap or have to go find loose clothing to accommodate your full stomachs.
This year, I am continuing thanksgiving on a budget and going out to enjoy holiday meals, with family, loved ones, friends, neighbors and associates.

Mental Inspiration
I have a few words to share about inspiration. For as long as I can remember, ideas, images and words have come to me in a flow of light. It’s hard to explain because it is so intense and personal and unique to who I am. It can happen in the middle of the night in my dreams, while I am driving, in the middle of a conversation and other places that thoughts decide to drop in or come back to me for a reason you cannot decipher just yet because the purpose is not meant to be revealed at that point.
During these holidays and everyday of the year we all ponder the highs and lows of life. Some years you experience the positive upturn of events and other times loss and grief. I have been through both and recently my siblings and I, as hundreds of other families, have a family member that is battling the last stages of Alzheimer Disease. Concurrently, my daughter is happily and stressfully preparing herself for college. I have found that it is important and mentally healthy to release stress through prayer, meditation and exercise. Choose what works for you. For instance, I was on the treadmill one morning with my IPOD earphones plugged in listening to Jazz vocalist Al Jarreau and the song “Waltz for Debby” melodically flowed into my ears and the harmonic story unfolds about a little girl who treasures her dolls, favorite toys, dances to silent music, revels in her playful inspired antics and how she transitions to a woman. At that moment the inspiration hit like a lightning bolt and that encompassed my grief for the loss of my loved one to Alzheimer, the loss of my daughter to becoming a women as she goes off to college, the loss of my age related youth but happy to find new youthful inspiration. It goes to show you that the old tale that death and dying does not just come in (3’s) three’s but so does life. As Al Jarreau continues to sing in my head, I think of myself dancing to the silent music and songs that are spun of gold and the songs that me and my mother danced to and the dances that my daughter and I leaped across the floor to and I laugh with joy because I get the message that love, joy, sadness, grief and peace is as it should be as other life comes to an end and new youth springs eternal and all is as it should be.
So, the lesson is once again as we all grow that there is continued BALANCE.
Hats off to artist Al Jarreau for inspiring me to hit my mental inspirational stride as he sings the lyrics “In the Sun she Dances to silent music, songs that are spun of gold somewhere in her own little head.” “The dolls, bears and toys will miss her but so will I.” Here my inspirational tribute to my Mom and daughter; The things you have embraced and touched will miss you and so will I, so dance in the sun and I hope the same wish for you too!

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Keep the faith and stay mentally, physically and spiritually healthy!

Gloria J Harden-Bailey

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